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The following videoclips are hosted on the Girls Getting Guys Yahoo Group. You need a Yahoo account to be able to join and group, if you are told that the group has exceeded its daily transfer limit, try again on another day, the earlier the better.

Ally.wmv - Ally McBeal (Calista Flockheart) dumps ice cream over a guy wearing a business suit, then pours chocolate sauce over him and finally sprays him with cream.
daz.wmv - UK TV commercial for the Daz washing powder brand involving a girl throwing a plate of pasta over a guy in a restaurant and then pours chocolate sauce over his head.
sundae.wmv - Clip from a soap opera of two girls spraying a guy in a business suit with cream and squirting raspberry sauce over his head.
YCDTOT.wmv - Two girls giving a guy four messy pies from You Can Do That On TV.
Smallville.WMV - Lana Lang (Kristen Kreuk) pushes Clark Kent (Tom Welling) into a pool with all his clothes on.
755-119_l.mov - Girl in the shower get's joined by a fully clothed guy.
755-120_l.mov - Girl shampooing a fully clothed guy in the shower.
monicasomma_1.avi - Man O' Man clip from Italy.

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